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Koh Kradan – Your Travel Guide to Paradise!

Located about 40 minutes by boat from the mainland, Koh Kradan is one of the most beautiful islands in Trang, a breath-taking beauty. Several parts of the Island are covered in coconut and rubber plantations.

From dawn to dusk, the concept of time almost loses its relevance here. The midday sky and the deep turquoise of the sea seem to merge.

The Island is named after the oblong shape of its landmass. On one side of the Island lies Yang Long Beach and on the other side there is a fascinating coral reef swarming with fish of unique shapes and shades. Nature lovers will find the immaculate beauty of the Island to their liking, and skin-divers will fall in love with the coral reef and have a fantastic experience exploring the beauty of the underwater.

The Beaches

The Island has two divine beaches. The main beach, known as Paradise beach, is the best beach of Koh Kradan. You will find a stunning white sandy stretch of about 1.5 kilometers facing the fascinating turquoise blue sea. The offshore coral reef can be spotted from the coast, with corals coming out of the water at low tide. The Island boasts a truly magical beach atmosphere, and as soon as you take it in, you get in the perfect-vacation mood!

paradise beach koh kradan

Paradise beach is a very tranquil destination, and so people here find their lonely spot under the bright sun of Thailand. Also, there are numerous cool shady spots along the beach to rest and relax.

Another fantastic beach on Koh Kradan is Sunset beach. It is located directly across Paradise beach, on the other side of the Island. The beach is easy to reach; all you have to do is take the well-marked jungle trail, which is a 15-minute walk, leading from Paradise Beach to Sunset Beach. If you are searching for peace and solitude, then you will be more than satisfied with this secluded beach. Additionally, as the name implies, you are sure to experience beautiful sunsets here.

Best Time to Visit.

The ideal period to visit Koh Kradan Island is from November to April. The Island was declared a National Park on October 14, 1981, along with Trang’s remaining Islands.

Starting from May to October, Kradan Island comes under the influence of the southwest torrential rain. This pause from tourism comes as a blessing for marine life, which gets an opportunity to replenish, unbothered by people and boats.

What to do on Koh Kradan

The Island is roughly four square kilometers, so it is one of the smallest islands in South Thailand. Because of its size, Koh Kradan can be well explored in a single day. Nonetheless, it offers several awesome activities for a successful vacation, and it’s worth staying longer.

Diving in Koh Kradan

A few steps away from the beach, you will find numerous unique spots for snorkeling. The coral reef in Koh Kradan island is stunning and healthy, and hosts a great variety of colorful fish. Snorkeling on the offshore reef is strongly recommended, especially at low tide. High tide is highly recommended for swimming.

Also, if you’re a diver, you will fall in love with Koh Kradan’s underwater world. If you like to get active during your vacation, you should rent a kayak and circle the beautiful Island. While off at sea, you will experience a great feeling of relief from this tiny green paradise, and for sure you will get the opportunity to take some great photos of Koh Kradan.

Excursions and Attractions

Not so far from Koh Kradan Island lie the beautiful neighboring Islands of Koh Ngai and Koh Mook. You can visit both islands from Koh Kradan, all you have to do is charter a longtail boat directly on the main beach (Paradise Beach) and take a boat trip there. Strongly recommended is a visit to the Emerald Cave on Koh Mook Island, a former pirate hideout and one of the top attractions in the South Thailand region. Your excursion to the Emerald Cave can be easily arranged from Koh Kradan, or from Koh Lanta, another beautiful sea destination in the Andaman Sea .

ATM, Restaurants, and Shops

You can find a few small bars and restaurants on the immaculate Island, but don’t expect a vibrant nightlife. If you like to eat Thai dishes or have never tried one, you will most certainly find some attractive options to taste. You can also find a mini supermarket at Paradise Beach Resort, directly on the main beach, to refill on cold drinks, biscuits, and some local snacks. Please note that there is no ATM on Koh Kradan, so ensure you carry enough cash with you.

How to get to the Island

The best and easiest option to get to Koh Kradan Island is to fly to Krabi airport, and then transfer by private car or joint minivan to Pak Maeng Pier, from where all the boats for Koh Mook, Koh Ngai or Koh Kradan leave. Local boats are usually employed for the crossing, and you can expect a 1 to 2 hours journey. The trip from Krabi to Park Maeng Pier takes about 90 minutes. The white sandy beach, turquoise water, and fresh sea breeze await visitors.

koh kradan island

Another option is a flight to Trang. The small airport is the closest to Koh Kradan but direct flights from cities within Thailand are less frequent than flights to Krabi. Get in touch with us to discuss the details and get updated info and tips for a carefree holiday!

Note: There are also regular speedboats from Krabi and Phi Phi to Koh Kradan, but they usually run only in high season and require some stops and boat changes along the way.

Other things to expect

Whenever the tide gets low in Koh Kradan, one can see fantastic sights of the coral reef and the marine life that thrive in the shallow water. It is like an orchestra of life and colors, with several species of crabs and fishes. The outstanding natural beauty unfolds on the beach and underwater both when the sun is rising above or sinking beneath the sea, or the bright yellow moon appears in the night sky.

From Kradan Island is just a hop away by boat to other islands (Ngai and Rawk). Whether you choose to stay on Kradan or to explore the neighboring islands, you can rest assured that your vacation in this part of Thailand is one you will never forget.

The Island’s underwater world is inhabited by several hundreds of colorful fish species and it’s ideal for diving or snorkeling. Lots of folks make the trip from Pakmeng pier to Kradan to view its natural wonders on day tours. But if you choose to stay on the island for a longer period, you will have plenty of time and opportunities to enjoy the quiet, peaceful atmosphere and be in harmony with mother nature.

The Eastern part of Kradan features Yang Long Beach, while the Western region is immensely rich with coral reefs teeming with marine life.

Accommodation in Koh Kradan

Although Koh Kradan Island does not provide many possibilities to stay overnight, the Reef Resort, right on the beach, is an excellent choice. The bungalows with sea view guarantee the perfect beach experience. As the beach resort’s name implies, you can go snorkeling right from the beach to explore the most beautiful and healthiest reef of the island.

Reef Resort Koh Kradan

If you wish to have more infos about the accommodations and resorts of Koh Kradan Island, get in touch with us, we’re happy to help!

Tip: Since there aren’t any villages, real supermarkets, or anything similar in Koh Kradan, you can dine only at the restaurants of the resorts, which can be expensive. Therefore, if you plan to visit Koh Kradan on a day trip, you might consider buying your favourite food on the mainland before boarding the boat and eat it on the beach.

What to Pack for your trip

People usually ask, “What should I pack for my trip to Thailand?” Here is an essential list for a stress-free  journey:

  • A large Backpack with a Rain Cover

A water-proof backpack is probably one of the top essentials for your trip. If you do not have one yet, you should try getting either a used or a new one. We highly recommend a backpack with at least 50 liter capacity. It must be light and stable, and it should come with a rain cover.

  • Important Documents

1. Passport

2. Visa

3. Travel Insurance 

4. Credit Card

5. Cash

7. Travel Wallet (for Documents & Passport) 

Additionally, we strongly recommend taking a copy of your important documents, including your passport and Visa. You can change money directly at the airport and in all the major tourist spots. It’s always a good idea to take a certain amount of cash along; you never know.

Tip: Debit card and credit card should always be kept in two different locations, so if you lose one, you still have another card to use. You should apply the same logic with your cash.

Clothes for your trip

What to wear in Thailand? Here is a list of the essential clothes to carry along:

1. Socks

2. Underwears

3. T-Shirts

4. Solid Shoes for hiking in the National parks, scooter tours, or other activities that require sport shoes

5. Sandals or flip flops

6. Long Pants and Sweaters for the flight, for aircon ferries and freezing aircon-bus.

7. Shorts

8. Sunhat or a Cap

9. Swimsuit or Bikini

10. Very light Sportswear

11. Sunglasses

12. Laundry Detergent – For a quick wash

13. Rain Poncho

When packing for your trip to the Islands don’t forget that less is more! You should try to reduce the number of clothes you’re bringing to the barest minimum. They can be washed for little cost in almost every accommodation or coin operated machine on the streets. So pack only the essentials for the trip. If you still have some space in your backpack, you did something right!

Other essentials you will need if you plan to backpacking

1. Mosquito Net – Should always be part of a backpacker trip through Thailand 

2. Mosquito Spray or Mosquito Repellent It is better to buy your Mosquito Spray in Thailand

3. Travel Towel  (fast drying and ultralight) – bring along a microfiber towel that dries quickly and saves space!

4.  Travel Pillow (Neck Pillow) for long trips

5. Day Backpack (Lightweight Backpack) Perfect for short trips and excursions. A must-have for your trip!

6. Travel Purse

7. Travel Plug Adapter for Thailand

8. Travel Guide Book for Thailand

9. Headlamp – For cave exploration, night jungle safaris, or when the electricity fails.

11. Snorkel Set or Full Face Snorkel Mask – Can usually be borrowed, but it would be better to have yours.

In conclusion, being a backpacker trip or a lavish vacation, we truly recommend you to visit Koh Kradan and the nearby islands. The sky could be cloudy or clear depending on when you choose to visit, but the beaches of this part of Thailand are incredible, the waters turquoise and crystal clear, and the islands calm and quiet.

Get in touch with us to discuss the best available options or book one of our island hopping tours in the Andaman Sea like this .

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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