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Krabi guide introduces you to a hidden Thai gem still not yet fully known, as a destination, within the tourist world. This website will be useful, whether you are at your first experience as a tourist or an expert traveler, to plan your trip to Krabi with the help of someone who really knows this place.

We, the team of krabi guide, are here to share with all of you our experience in the world of traveling in Thailand, which spans over twenty long years. Our wish is for you to get the best from your time in Krabi and to return home with the clear sensation to have wisely spent your holiday in one of the most attractive location in “The Kingdom of Smile”.

In a few words, this is why krabi guide exists.


We are experience, passion, research, imagination

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We are Alice and Pluto, and we are here to make you partakers of our passion, our experience and our continuous research.

Our passion for travel and for daily discoveries every trip entails, but mostly our passion for this beautiful province, which is Krabi, in southern Thailand.

Krabi is a geographical area that has much to offer those who choose to visit, both for its absolutely unique landscapes and the sea of the islands that are part of it; both for its people, for their innate sense of hospitality that introduced Thailand to the world as the “Kingdom of Smiles”; both for its culture, its multi-ethnicity and its traditions.

Our twenty five years of experience in the tourism industry developed through years of life spent in this area, and by comparison with the needs of thousands of travellers proceeding from every nationality.

Our research of new trails to go through: new places to be known, new corners for your discovery, in order every journey may always offer emotions and unforgettable images.

We are those of the imagination, originality, ideas. We are the ones who concentrate their efforts to make your holiday unique.

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Alice is Thai, born in Thailand. Graduated in English language, she has been working in an English school for more than 8 years, until she decided to give a change to her life. She moved to Krabi attracted from the beauty and the life style of this province to share with Pluto her great passion for travelling in Thailand and around, beginning soon to join his tourism activity, bring to the job her British practical sense, her typically Thai smile and her skill in dealing with locals. She is voice and hearing of this activity and this website could not be born without her support.

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Born in Rome, Italy, Pluto is leaving in Thailand since 1993. After his first experience in Phuket, he moved to Krabi where he is resident since the new century. More than 25 years in Thailand dedicated to discovering this wonderful country and always working in the tourism, first for a tour operator leader in the worldwide market then, with his own activity. He created this website with Alice to promote in the world Krabi’s image and give to this place the visibility that deserves.