Elephant Sanctuary

from/per person ฿ 1,700

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Your chance to spend an unforgettable day in an ethical elephant camp is to visit The Elephant Sanctuary in Krabi. This is a heaven and a new home for old, rescued elephants that can finally retire far away from hard labour and violence in a peaceful, lush natural environment where they are fed, bathed and well cared for.

The Sanctuary is set in the rainforest, on the banks of the river, and house an Elephant hospital where the pachyderms are treated by professional doctors and staff.

About the tour

With this tour you will spend a morning or afternoon learning about the elephants and socialising with them in the lush jungle and fresh river waters at the Sanctuary. Here the pachyderms are not ridden or abused, but showed with respect and immense love. At the beginning of you visit you will have a chance to ask questions and learn about the rescue and care costs and process involved, and about the daily habits of these beautiful animals. You will feed the elephants while they will be introduced to you one by one by their carers.

Half day program

  • Jungle walk with the elephants through the rainforest from the Sanctuary to the river
  • Mud bathing the elephants: you will be taught how to take care of their skin by gently rubbing mud all over their body. They love it!
  • Take a bath in the river with your elephant, a really unforgettable experience. You will see how much they enjoy being in the water, and there’s a chance they will get playful and splash you with their proboscis. Be ready!
  • The longest program includes preparing the herbs to feed the elephants, a visit to the elephant hospital and a Thai lunch with dessert.


Transfer, fruit and drink included.

Bring a swimsuit and comfortable clothes for the mud bathing activities. Don’t forget your sense of adventure!